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 Student-Athlete Recruiting Service

Finishline Scholastic 2.5" in three antique finishes. Neck Ribbons are available in many many school colors. 

2" Value Medals. $1.75 per medal, & neck ribbon. Engraving is extra at $0.05 per letter.

Value Scholastic medal is 2" comes in gold, silver or bronze. All Value medals come with a free neck ribbon. (Red, White and Blue). Discounted price on large orders. We have in stock medals listed below:

Mathematics, Spelling Bee, Science, Honor Roll, Attendance, Reading, Principals Award.

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All Navy Wrestling Team with team member T.J. Jones 1977-78.

Shasta College Wrestling team 118 lb  1980

All Navy Wrestling 105.5 lbs 1977-78 Rutherford vs TJ Jones

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Victoria Rutherford meeting Megan Rapinoe US Women Soccer Team 2017

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Oceana High Wrestling Team NPL Champions 1976